LivePPV is the easiest and most intuitive live-to-web vibration monitoring system. It’s also reliable, both in terms of hardware and data security. LivePPV supports measurements and limits in accordance with a wide range of vibration standards for building damage and human response directly or by virtue of being able to select a wide range of broad-band or frequency-dependent PPV limits.

LivePPV has been been designed specifically for the job of monitoring environmental vibration and it is being continuously improved. LivePPV is well-established with hundreds of systems in use every day.

Aren’t there lots of systems out there that do the same thing? Not when you look into it in detail. With LivePPV the data you want is usually already on the website/server. You don’t have to download data from the monitor on site (it’s already been done for you).

You don’t need a program on a PC to view the data and/or make changes to the limits and control the monitors. If you want to prepare reports (rather than just sharing the data with other stakeholders via the website) then you can download the data from the server in the form of csv files that can be directly imported into spreadsheets.