Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather on a Single Web Platform

Strategic and practical control of noise, vibration, dust and weather using your computer, phone or tablet

LivEnviro provides real-time web-based monitoring of Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather on a single platform using certified and site proven sensors.

Currently the four components of LivEnviro are: LiveLeq – Noise, LivePPV – Vibration, LivePM10 – Dust and LiveMET – Weather.

There are great advantages to having all your environmental data on one system. Efficient data handling and knowing that you only have to contact a single company when you need help for example.

Best of all, you only have to learn to use one system for noise, vibration, dust and weather rather than having to learn how to use several independent and potentially quite different systems.

Customer Support

Industry-leading technical support and customer service.


Already the best system and new features constantly being developed.

Monitoring System Overview

Shows whether all your LivEnviro monitors are operational and/or limits being exceeded on one page.

Real-time Alerts

Real-time data and alerts.

Industry Leading

Hundreds of LivEnviro Sensors currently on critical projects throughout the UK and Europe.


Add your logo and branding to the LivEnviro website.


Current and historic data always available on the website.

Google Maps Interface

See whether monitors are operational and/or limits being exceeded on a map view of the site.

Environmental Focus

Designed specifically for environmental professionals.

Logical Architecture

Projects can contain one site or multiple sites. For each Site there can be one or more Measurement Position.

Each Measurement Position is related to the physical location of a monitor on site and has associated with it:-

  • A Monitor: LiveLeq, LivePPV, LivePM10, LiveMET
  • Limits and alerts
  • Current data
  • Historic data

User Hierarchy

Managers can configure Monitors, Limits and Alerts for Measurement Positions. They can control User Accounts and access. They have the ability to add notes and comments to each measurement position.

Managers can add stakeholders as a Viewer+, a Viewer or a Primary Limit Viewer.

Viewer+ can view current and historic data and can receive comments and alerts as specified by Managers. Viewers are limited to current data only. They can receive alerts as specified by Managers.

A Primary Limit Viewer can only see whether the Primary Limit for a measurement position is currently being exceeded – perfect for a machine operative on-site.

Robust Data Security

Current and historic data is stored on dedicated Raid 10 Servers, with additional mirror servers, in a UK Data Centre.

The Mirror Servers are backed up several times a day (avoiding the need to stop the main server for back-up).

Each individual sensor is also constantly recording a copy of the data.