Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather Monitoring

Strategic and practical control of noise, vibration, dust and weather using your computer, phone or tablet. LivEnviro provides real-time web-based monitoring of Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather on a single platform using certified and site proven sensors. Currently the four components of LivEnviro are: LiveLeq – Noise, LivePPV – Vibration, LivePM10 – Dust and LiveMET – Weather.


Live to Web Noise Monitoring using the Rion NL-53 Class 1 Sound Level Meter

LiveLEQ is based upon the Rion NL-53 and Rion WS-15 outdoor microphone.

LiveLEQ can be used to view current real-time noise data, review historic data, set noise limits, send out e-mail alerts, review audio clips from exceedances, listen to live audio and to control the noise monitor. Supports up to 24 sets of 5 simultaneous noise limits (broad-band or third octave) per day.


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Live to Web Vibration Monitoring using the Profound Vibra+ or Rion VM-56

LivePPV can be used to view current real-time vibration data, review historic data, set vibration limits, send out e-mail alerts, and (with the Rion VM-56 only) to control the vibration monitor.

LivePPV is highly configurable. Limits for BS 5228:2, BS 7385: 2 and, with the VM-56 only, BS 6472: Part 1, DIN 4150 Parts 2 and 3, and SBR A and B are provided as standard. Additional user–defined, broad-band and/or frequency dependent limits can be added to provide monitoring against a very wide range of limits/standards.


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Web-Based Real-Time Environmental Dust Monitoring (MCERTS)

LivePM10 is based on the TSI Environmental Dust Track EDTPM10, which measures MCERTS PM10 only, or the TSI Environmental Dust Track EDTDRX which measures MCERTS PM10 and PM2.5 plus TSP, PM1 and PM4.

LivePM10 can be used to view current real-time particulate concentrations, review historic data, set limits, send out e-mail alerts, and to control the dust monitor. Supports up to 24 sets of 5 simultaneous limits per day.


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Web-Based Real-Time Weather Monitoring

LiveMET is based upon the Lufft WS 600 multi-parameter weather station. It provides essential weather data for noise and/or dust measurements but it is capable of much more.

A comprehensive logic-based limit setting system provides e-mail alerts including windspeed, wind direction and whether it is raining. Real-time weather conditions and internet access and a permanent record of the weather conditions at the sensor location.


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The Benefits of LivEnviro

Noise, Vibration, Dust and Weather monitoring all on one website, and all at a realistic price and backed by industry-leading customer support. LivEnviro also now comes with a 4G modem and roaming sim. The web interface has been specifically built to be intuitive and easy to use with full access to current and historic data. You can view data and control the sensors anywhere via computer, phone or on a tablet.

Live Data

Live data is sent direct to a secure website via 4G or LAN. Data is held on a Raid 10 mirrored server in a UK data centre.

Top Quality Sensors

Certified instrumentation providing the highest quality standards and the noise and vibration meters can be used for attended measurements as well as monitoring.

User Friendly Instrumentation

The monitors are extremely quick and simple to set up and start running. The noise and vibration meters are also intuitive and easy to use for attended measurements.

Intuitive Browser Interface

Designed by environmental professionals for environmental professionals. Our customers tell us that setting up and using the system is simple and intuitive. It just seems to make sense.

Data Downloads

Current and historic data available on the website. Data can also be downloaded as CSV files direct to your computer from the LivEnviro server (in normal operation there is no requirement to download data from the sensors – it’s already on the server).

Technical Support

Industry-leading technical support and customer service. LivEnviro is easy and intuitive to use but we are always happy to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.